I invite you once again to grow in Christ with us at Saint Matthew’s School of Life and Ministry (SOLAM). We are entering our fourth year committed to providing a wide-range of courses. Our curriculum rests on our mandate to mature disciples who in turn can affect others for Christ. It is our intention to support individual believers as they grow in faith so they might reach out to others, as they each journey with the Lord.

It is a joy to witness the growth of SOLAM and its steadily increasing impact in the community. While the development of our website has helped to support this growth, the most effective tool has been the enthusiastic participation of people themselves in their own learning and then sharing that learning with others. Word of mouth, without any doubt, has been the strongest voice of endorsement for the School.

It is our prayer that God will use SOLAM and guide us by His Spirit in our daily decisions and directions.


Cathy Bailey
B.A.; M.Ed;
School of Life and Ministry