The Historical Geography of Ancient Israel

As readers of the Bible, we often overlook that the text was written in a place. Those who wrote the Old Testament called this place home, and everyday they interacted with a climate and geography that are different from our own. These interactions with the natural environment were not only a part of their world, but shaped the way that their story was told: the righteous are olive trees, the wicked are clouds without rain, and God is a rock. This three hour seminar looks at how understanding the physical environment of ancient Israel can help us, in the modern world, read our Old Testaments better.

Dates:  Saturday | October 13
9am – Noon  (refreshments provided)
Room 222 at Saint Matthew’s at Grace Church, 2087 McMillan Road, Abbotsford

Spencer Elliott
Spencer Elliott is a graduate student at Trinity Western University. He has earned a BA from Millar College of the Bible, SK, and a MA in Biblical Hebrew from Jerusalem University College in Israel. Currently, he focuses his research on the Psalms and the Greek translation of Leviticus, and he loves to explain the linguistic and historical context of the Bible. In the summers, Spencer teaches courses and leads tours on the historical geography of the Bible in Israel. When his nose is not in a book, he enjoys exploring beautiful British Columbia with his wife, Melissa, and daughter, Sophia.